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The Icarus Films Collection

The Icarus Films Collection contains all of the Icarus Films titles available for streaming at Docuseek2.

Icarus Films is a leading distributor of documentary film. With almost 35 years in the film distribution business, Icarus Films has assembled an impressive collection in many area of social and political concern. According to their site,

We are dedicated distributing films about people and ideas too often unseen or unheard. Although we specialize in social, political, and historical documentaries, our collection includes a wide range of films with varying creative approaches and themes. We work with filmmakers and independent production companies from all around the world, seeking out films that provide innovative and informative views of a rapidly changing world.

Docuseek2 is proud to provide streaming for over 220 of Icarus Films's most distinctive titles.

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The End of the Ottoman Empire - Part TwoThe End of the Ottoman Empire - Part Two

The Ottomans ruled three continents for six centuries. How did their rule end, and how does this history inform politics today? Part two of a two-part series.

Icarus Films ♦ 2017 ♦ 52 minutes
Everything's FineEverything's Fine

An engaging portrait of the daily routine of a self-styled 'bush doctor' in Mali.

Icarus Films ♦ 2006 ♦ 78 minutes ♦ 10-12, College, Adult
Exile, A Myth Unearthed - Part 1Exile, A Myth Unearthed - Part 1

A new look at history that re-shapes the Middle East conflict.

Icarus Films ♦ 2014 ♦ 52 minutes
Exile, A Myth Unearthed - Part 2Exile, A Myth Unearthed - Part 2

A new look at history that re-shapes the Middle East conflict.

Icarus Films ♦ 2014 ♦ 52 minutes
Facebook's 'Adorno Changed My Life'Facebook's 'Adorno Changed My Life'

In the hyper-connected isolation of social networks names become tags, words are links, and interfaces are never innocent.

Icarus Films ♦ 2011 ♦ 28 minutes ♦ 10-12, College, Adult
Facing DeathFacing Death

A comprehensive look into the life and work of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of the landmark On Death and Dying.

Icarus Films ♦ 2003 ♦ 98 minutes ♦ 10-12, College, Adult
Family BusinessFamily Business

An American entrepreneur struggles to make his pizza business succeed.

Icarus Films ♦ 1982 ♦ 90 minutes ♦ 10-12, College, Adult
Fat ChanceFat Chance

Filmmaker Yuka Sekiguchi films her struggle to lose weight, finds herself while learning about her body.

Icarus Films ♦ 2008 ♦ 52 minutes ♦ 8-12, college, adult
Fate of a SalesmanFate of a Salesman

An intimate portrait of a way of life on the verge of disappearing.

Icarus Films ♦ 2015 ♦ 27 minutes
Fernando is BackFernando is Back

Documents the workings of Chile's Forensic Identification Unit in its quest to reclaim the identities of those 'disappeared' and killed during the Pinochet dictatorship.

Icarus Films ♦ 2000 ♦ 31 minutes ♦ College, Adult

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